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Micki Esposito
Real Estate Advisor

How do you measure success? Most people do it by measuring achievement. That used to be the case for Micki, the highly-acclaimed principal broker and leader of Atlanta-based Momentous Realty, a real estate boutique.

Micki is a well-established broker. She is driven to provide excellence in the luxury real estate market with a focus on the specific needs, direction and attention required by the boutique’s clientele. By blending Micki’s extensive experience and her visionary strategies, Momentous Realty offers a broader and more personalized array of services to their clients than other realty companies. Micki’s primary focus: negotiating multi-million dollar real estate transactions while representing celebrities, professional athletes, and high-profile business executives. Her solid relationships with these individuals, as well as with other titans of the community, give her the advantage of direct access to their needs, concerns, and desires. She also represents anyone who needs her assistance in acquiring or liquidating residential or commercial assets.

Micki is an influencer and a real estate market authority. She understands her clients’ needs, preferences and demanding schedules. She also has an extensive sphere of influence due to her continuous community involvement and client interaction, locally, nationally and internationally. Her professional career spans over 25 years as the Chief of Staff for a variety of Fortune 500 C-level Executives, Chairmen of the Board and a Senator. This illustrious background afforded her the opportunity to learn various aspects of business, operations, marketing and negotiation skill-sets. She has been featured in Luxe Home Magazine and selected as a Woman on the Rise for VertikalLifeMagazine.com. But despite all of her accomplishments, Micki defines success a different way. Rather than focusing on the status and achievements, success should focus on the journey taken, learning valuable “life lessons” along the way.

Micki is proud of every achievement she has made in the business world, but also feels a sense of immense accomplishment in her own personal journey. Far from being a gold-paved road, her climb to success involved winning, losing, and redefining the very foundations of her career. Although she was a personal victim of domestic violence, she continued to climb the career ladder as a divorced mother of 3 children. Her drive and desire to succeed have led her to reach levels of success that many people never have the opportunity to experience. Shortly after she made her first foray into the real estate market, the housing market collapsed. She relied on learning, redefining, and vision to go from living life as a homeless woman to redefining success for herself—and the world around her. Live with Soul has become her mantra. She has discovered the formula to living a deeply successful and fulfilling life, and is currently writing her second book to further define her journey.

Micki is on a mission when it comes to the real estate industry. Every action she takes shows her clients, and others, that real estate can return to a business of exceptional integrity. She weaves integrity into everything she does. She is an authority in the arena, and has a keen instinct for bringing the right properties and families together. She knows the markets and trends, and makes exceptional client service her hallmark. More than a “salesperson,” she is a real estate professional, and is recognized as an authority in luxury real estate. Her goal: to offer clients the truth, and deliver outstanding value to families making one of their biggest purchase decisions. The real estate market is only slowly recovering because of professionals bringing integrity and a sense of caring for their community back into the arena. This standard — community care and integrity — is a responsibility that Micki has honored steadfastly over the years and woven into her everyday life. She has always viewed the Realtor Oath as one of the most important oaths anyone can take. She strives to protect the individual rights of real estate ownership, to have integrity and honesty in all dealings, and to increase her own knowledge to serve clients better. She also acts fairly to all, serving the community in accordance with the ideals and objectives set forth in the real estate code of ethics.

MY PERSONAL MANTRA:  Live with Soul.

The rewards of Micki’s journey have been far greater than financial. It has been a process of finding and reclaiming peace and tranquility after the life experience of losing everything. She has taken her life experiences and is developing a motivational website called “Live with Soul,” based upon her social media following of inspirational, life lesson and business related posts. “Live with Soul” is all about the quest towards inner peace. It is about learning to live life from the heart while being your true authentic self. Life is about giving more in value than you ever take. Micki offers these parting words of advice:

“Know that you are enough, and with this knowingness, you are unconquerable. Contact me. I look forward to serving you and your family. It’s personal.”

Live with Soul!


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